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Cambridge Campus Ministry Mission Statement

Our Objectives are:

1. Reaching out to Chinese academics and students, but not exclusively, irrespective of age, sex, ability, religion or political view.

2. Hosting of non-profit events which includes regular Christian meetings, seminars, conferences, summer camps, Bible study groups to explore Christianity.

3. Partnering with other Christian organisations, Christian churches, charity organisations and individuals to pool resources in organisational expertise in the hosting and organisations of events

4. To advance the Christianity for the benefit of the public through the holding of prayer meetings, study, fellowship meetings and lectures producing and/or distributing literature on Christianity to enlighten others about the Christianity.

About Us

About Cambridge Campus Ministry

A group of Chinese Christian committed to advance Gospel to Chinese academics and students in United Kingdom.

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Ministry Trustees :


Edward Kwong
Gershom Lee
Ping Shun Au
Kwok Choi Ng

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Cambridge Campus Ministry

111 King Street, Cambridge, CB1 1LD, UK